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5 Key Books for Every Entrepreneur-Developer

If I only had five books to recommend to entrepreneur-developers, to help you get started, I’d give you these. They either shaped, improved or solidified my approach to business and I point back to as keys to my success. Here they are in order of priority with why you should read: Do the Work by […]

Dear Developers, Here’s Some Advice For Your Career

Over the past 5 years I’ve had the privilege of working directly with web developers and software programmers. In that time, I’ve also interviewed and worked with a number of developers, along with managed and lead the development team at iThemes. I can safely say, it’s been both one of the delights of my work […]

How to Test Your Business Like a Mad Scientist

Disclaimer: This is a super long post admittedly but meant to be a roadmap for your experiments. So here is the TLDR version aka the PDF of the article. Also you can download the MP3 audio recording and slides from the original presentation here. Your business is just one big continual experiment, with many parts […]

5 Heretical Tips for Entreprenuerial-Minded Designers

I was asked by my good friend Sandip Patel of BitConfused and CageApp to talk to his Design Entrepreneurship class today and thought I’d share what I, um, shared. The group consisted mainly of graphic design majors and oriented my talk about designers started entrepreneurial ventures. *** I’m going to share heresy with you. Here […]