Real Estate

Real Estate Marketing: The Way To Sell a House Online

Check out Cody Lindley’s awesome house marketing site … complete with photo galleries, a printable flyer, and so much more. … would love to see more real estate agents using online marketing like this … especially leveraging WordPress to do it!

Advice I Give My Clients

Advice I Give To My Clients: Get This FTP Program … SmartFTP

If you’re going to do much work on the web besides typical posting, etc. on your blog, you’re going to need a good FTP program. My suggestion is SmartFTP … pretty neat program. It remembers you addresses, passwords, etc. And you can have multiple tabs and thus sites up.


Linkbait These 40 Big Boys and Girls

Frantic Industries has a post listing the Top 40 Blogs according to their Feedburner reader stats. I’d venture to say … get linked by ANY of them, especially if they’re in your blog topic, and you’re likely to score some HUGE traffic and launch your blog onto a whole new level. On my main blog, […]


I Just Couldn’t Resist …

My wife and I are raving lunatic fans of NBC’s The Office … in fact, my cousin gave me a Dwight Shrute Bobblehead for my birthday that will soon be adorning my desk. Here’s a preview clip of what’s coming up next on The Office.

Free WordPress Theme

I Lied … RockinRedhead is My Next Free WordPress Release

Just released RockinRedHead … a 2-column, widget ready, red and white free WordPress theme with orange highlights. Download it here. Demo it here. But seriously … I think NotePad will be my next release. It’s odd … but who cares.