Get an Open Table At Your Favorite Restaurant Online

I love this idea … getting a restaurant reservation online at

See the New York Times article where I found this service.

I think restaurants have a great opportunity to promote their “atmosphere” and community online through blogs. Think about it … a restaurant owner talks about food and life on a blog … encourages diners to go post about their favorite dishes or experiences (of course, hopefully, they’re good experiences).

How Young Entrepreneurs Are Rockin’ It Online: Threadless

This video presentation is worth the entire 45 minutes … just to see how these young entrepreneurs are doing some incredible things online … while building a community … and making money.

The two guys presenting are from Threadless … after watching this who wouldn’t want to work there?!

[Found via BlogMinistry]

Blogging As a Rough Draft For Your Thoughts

One of the super-duper benefits of blogging is that is clarifies your thoughts and ideas. It crystallizes them.

For me, it helped me rehearse and refine my ideas … and thus better communicate them with others.

After I did two blog post series on subjects, I found myself in conversations with others in my field being able to articulate my position and case a whole lot better. And at the end of the conversation, I could point back to the series, or reference people who commented or emailed me about those series and their experiences with the topic.

One of the reasons I created Warm Buzz — my linkblog — is so I could practice and craft rough drafts of blog posts. I’m still honing my workflow with that blog, but when ideas come to mind for posts, but aren’t necessarily fully fleshed out, I’ll go make an initial post there.

The thought is … after a while, I can revisit those ideas and thoughts and see what else I can add to the initial rough draft.

… yeah, I really love blogging!

My Blog Is My 600-Page Resume

This month marks my one-year anniversary of serious blogging.

Along the way, I’ve maintained it’s been a huge “career” boost for me. Through that blog, I’ve been able to go from a virtual no-name in my field to at least being on the radars of those at the top of it.

My blog has given me personal “brand” exposure I never would have had. Through it, I’ve been quoted and featured in newspaper stories in our state’s largest newspaper and been asked to teach two seminars (one more on Monday) on the subjects I cover.

But those are just the big highlights. There are numerous other benefits I’ve enjoyed as well because I choose to pour my thoughts, ideas and energy into a blog.

Liz Strauss of Successful-Blog made this quote which I think is especially relevant to what I’m talking about here … actually, she does a better job of giving one of the prime benefits of having a personal blog aimed at your career field or industry niche:

“I have a 1600-page resume on the Internet that says I am a marketing person. So, that’s what my blog does for me.”

So for this post, I went to my blog and checked to see how many posts I had written (give or take some for guest bloggers) and I found that I’ve got well over 600 posts on it.

So my blog is MY 600-page resume.

  • It’s also 600-plus reasons why I could be asked to talk about my subject field. (I was asked to teach those seminars based on the two main blog series I’ve done).
  • Check out the links I’ve received from other blogs and sites and to me, those count as recommendations of me and my thoughts and ideas. (I can feel the impact of those links when people tell me they’ve seen my site link on other blogs they read.)
  • With my list of 900-plus subscribers to my email newsletter, you can see how I’ve got a built-in audience for my field.
  • My site stats tell me that between 50-60% of my site guests find me and my topics through Google alone (Would they have found me otherwise? Probably not.)

I’m not telling you all this to toot my own horn … I’m trying to make a case for why … if you’d like to get some more exposure in your career or field … you should start a blog resume today.

See also how Penelope says blogs are the new business cards.

Duct Tape Marketing Business Blog WordPress Theme Released

In collaboration with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, I’m releasing a new free WordPress theme called Duct Tape Business Blog.

business blog

Key features include:

  • Three column layout
  • Newspaper and magazine Web 2.0 feel
  • Widget ready
  • Built-in date stamp on top for fresh appeal
  • Ready for your in-house products and services ads

Take the theme for a test run here.

This is the theme’s support post. Please report all theme-related problems here in the comments, noting your site link, browser used and specific problem. Please read this post for what is and is not covered in a free WordPress theme release.