Why Is This Blog So Stinking Plain?

Yeah, I know … my site is super simple and plain … but really, the word for it is “minimalistic.” That’s the name of the WordPress theme I’m using, which I designed.

Here’s one real simple reason for its, uh, simplicity: It’s too hard to keep up so many blog sites and I want to focus on just a few things here.

And for now, I want to have something that sort of describes my design philosophy … I like clean lines. Lots of white space.

This site is really an experiment though … changes may be on the way soon. Time provided.

Check Out RockinThemes.com For Free WordPress Themes

Along with my buddy Nathan Rice, we’ve started a website targeted at releasing our free WordPress themes from called Rockin Themes.

This is where we’ll be releasing our themes from now on … at our personal sites, you’ll get a quick promo, but for all downloads and support, please head over there.

Go check it out.

Rockin Blue 3 Column WordPress Theme Released

rockin blue wordpress theme 3 column

Based on the great results I got from my 2 column Rockin Blue theme, I’m releasing a 3 column version of it with some tweaks that I hope will make it an even better theme.

Download the theme here.
Demo it here.

UPDATE: If you downloaded this theme prior to Sunday, Feb. 25, you’ll probably have problems with sidebar widgets duplicated on both sidebars. The link above is the corrected version.

Please make any comments or suggestion here. Thanks!