The Napkin’s First Shot

By default, WordPress’s first default post is “Hello World!”

I call it and this post .. the first shot out of my blog gun.

So here it is … The Napkin.

First things first … Why call it “The Napkin?”

So many times I’ve get ideas at the most inconvenient times. And SO many times, I’ve scribbled them down on a napkin. Desperate for something to record an insight, I’ll grab a napkin out of my car’s glove box, or take one off the table and write it down.

Hence … The Napkin – marketing insights and ideas that could be written on a napkin.

What about the domain name “”?

I’ll flesh that out more as I give tips for marketing online … but it boils down to “keywords.” That’s what this blog will be about anyway … and having those keywords helps with search engine rankings …

But I’ll affectionately refer to this blog as … yeah, you guessed it: The Napkin.

Find this blog at … but the brand is The Napkin.

What am I going to write about?

This answer will be shaped and molded as I post in the upcoming days, months, and perhaps years … but here’s what I’m thinking this blog will look like … or … actually, just the stuff I want to write about here.

Here goes:

I want to help entrepreneurs and small business owners (particularly cash-straped ones) by providing marketing ideas, tips, case studies, etc. that will help them do business better and translate to more $$ in their bottomline.

I want to talk about how they can use blogs to benefit their businesses — blogging 101 for businesses will probably be one of my first series here.

I want to show how they can use websites (and blogs) in their marketing efforts.

I want to teach concepts and ideas, particularly of Internet and online marketing … and design, maintenance stuff.

I want to offer tutorials and how-to guides for doing things online, like how to set up a blog in 5 minutes!

I want to also give resources and links to other sites that are helpful to “mom and pop.”
And then … I want to have a forum, a place to dump ideas I get or see.

As I write this, I’ll be thinking of my grandfather — my entrepreneur grandfather — who has owned a motorcycle dealership in Oklahoma for more than 30 years. He’s a successful small business owner. But the web isn’t something he’s done much of …

… so I’ll probably write to him … as if I’m giving him real-world advice for navigating the online world.

Here’s to you Papa Leo!

Let the fun begin!