Making The Best Means Looking For The Best

One of my favorite quotes from my early life was:

The happiest people in the world don’t necessarily have the best of things, they make the best of things.

I’ve been reflecting on that much more in this whole pandemic.

The virus and its health impact are one thing. But the side effects of it are a whole other beast …. two things in particular are the financial impact (those out of work, businesses teetering on bankruptcy) and to our mental health (being in isolation, the fear and worry of the financial, etc).

So I’ve been rehearsing this mindset again …. over and over and over.

And something came to mind … if I am to make the best of things, I must see the best in things.

I must have open eyes. I must be looking for the good — for hope and opportunity.

Therefore, my new daily mantra is this:

Every day, I see the best in my situation.

Asking myself:

  • What am I meant to learn from it?
  • What has these constraints forced me to see, or do, or learn?
  • What are the unintended consequences of this and how can I lean into them?
  • How is this experience shaping my life, my character?
  • Where can I use and apply this? For myself? For others?

How about you?


How To Take Better Care Of Yourself During Quarantine

I’m really excited to be working with Integrative Life Center in Nashville, one of the premiere addiction treatment centers, to roll out live conversational webinars with their amazing team.

As you know, mental health is a life purpose for me and I’m giddy to be learning first-hand and sharing that with others.

Here are three free webinars coming up you won’t want to miss:

Managing Food and Feelings in Quarantine

LC’s Director of Nutrition Services, Mackenzie Reeser, will share tips on nourishing your mind and body while taking in a constant flood of mixed messages in our media during physical distancing on Thursday, April 9 at 11 a.m. Central. 

Art Therapy Through a Screen

Create and heal. Join ILC’s Art Therapist, Nina Ayala, as she discusses the realities of running virtual art therapy sessions with clients and leads the group through a hands-on activity Thursday, April 16 at 11a.m. Central.

Healing Foods and Eating for your Immune System

Holistic chef and food influencer, Mee McCormick, will talk us through how to cook and eat for your microbiome (gut health) as well as your mental health, and give tips on recipes and ingredients to incorporate into your menu planning while in quarantine. Join the webinar Friday, April 17 at 10a.m. Central.


10 Tips for Managers Leading Remote Teams for the First Time

This was originally posted on my LinkedIn profile.

During COVID-19, as organizations have been forced to move their teams to remote work.

I’ve led remote teams for 11+ years. And thought I’d share some tips for leaders, in particular, for how to make the most of it.

I’ve already heard sad stories about managers wanting to make sure their people are “working and not goofing off.”

So the first slide is about COMMUNICATION (that’s every leaders job to model) … and the second slide is about TRUST (a mindset, core value for every leader).

Download the PDF Slides Here

Please share this post with those who are trying to make the best of it.

By the way, my partner Jeff and I are here to help you.


A Couple of Free Live Q&As to Help You

I’m doing a couple of live conversations and Q&As to help small businesses and others this week …

Managing Finances Through A Crisis

I’m hosting a conversation with two financial experts — my partner Jeff Meziere and our friend David Novosad — on Friday, March 27 at 2:30 p.m. CST.

Register here

Digital Marketing Kitchen 2-Hour Q&A

Rebecca Gill and I are hosting a special two hour free version of our Office Hours Q&A for businesses looking to get some headway with their online marketing efforts (particularly organic marketing like SEO, content and email).

Register here

Taking Care Of Your Health During COVID-19 The Natural way

My mother in law Pam Owens offers naturopathic and homeopathic services and has helped me tremendously over the years with my own health. In particular I’ve got asthma and she’s got me on natural food supplements to bolster me during COVID-19 pandemic.

I did a whole podcast series with her here to learn more.

She does virtual consultations by the way.

Register here

Post Status Live: Client Work April 10

Post Status Live is focused on web professionals. Live: Client Work includes a half-day online conference geared on providing consultants and consulting agencies information to excel in their business on Friday, April 10.

Register here


Business Mental Health

Support for Fear, Worry, Anxiety in Uncertain Times + Ways Therapists Can Do More Online

For everyone …

I wanted to quickly share some resources on managing the emotions and our mental health around our world right now:

For my entrepreneur friends …

  • For entrepreneurs, I wrote about this piece on 8 Ways to Transform Fear and Uncertainty in 2016 but I still go back to it as a reminder for myself in dark times.
  • Take a moment and just check in with clients/customers …. ask how they are doing, especially those who might be severely hurt by it (think restaurants, etc), don’t pitch anything, just say you’re reaching out personally and get how tough this is and offer support, even if it’s an ear to listen and a virtual shoulder to cry on. Promote and support them and others as best you can.

For my therapist friends ….

This is an excellent opportunity for you to do what you do ONLINE and support your world:

  • Take In-Person Sessions Online with Zoom … get the Zoom Pro ($15 a month) so there’s not a 40-minute cap … you can use Calendly to streamline booking and connect your calendar and even take payment.
  • Start and Facilitate Virtual Support Groups … particularly among those who rely on in-person support groups. Can be done very easy with Zoom.
  • Do Facebook Lives and answer questions, offer resources … you can setup a Facebook Page and do a Live Broadcast from your Page. Do it on a set time … do it every day for a week … etc.
  • Do Instagram Lives and the same from your phone,
  • Start a podcast …. record on your phone or laptop in a quiet place … do 3-5 minute meditations or mindful exercises … or answer questions you might get … then look at Simplecast or Castos to host it then post to your social media and website.
  • Same for YouTube … in fact if you record on Facebook or Instagram, repost the video to YouTube if you have time.
  • Start or grow your email list … Mailchimp is free up to 2000 contacts. You need to have an email list. Then you can share to those who sign up for your awesome new supportive content. Point people in all your public social channels back to your email list, which should be prominent on your website.


What else? Got other ideas? Post in the commends.