Learning swim lanes with the Universe

I’m learning how to teamwork and collaborate with the universe.

It does whatever it wants. And always knows what’s right and best.

But I kick and scream to do what I think I want.

That’s not working very well so I’d rather work with the Universe as a colleague, partner and collaborator.

Maybe if we knew each other’s swim lanes.

Advice to a young entrepreneur

I wrote this for an entrepreneur friend of mine but it applies to all entrepreneurs just getting started on their journey.

In other words:

Dear entrepreneur, this is for you.

In business, trust your brain and your guts always.

You’ve got savvy. You are smart. You see things.

Double check but always trust your Spidey senses. You’ve got all the gifts to get whatever you want.

That’s decided.

You are fabulously successful already and you will accomplish whatever you desire.

But what I’m most proud of and thankful for is you are so connected to your heart. You love so well. You love and lean on your people.

That will keep you human and grounded and supported as you play and fail and win but ultimately master the game of business.

You own this game. You were meant for this game for this season of your life.

I’m cheering for you every step of the way and here to celebrate all your wins with you and to be here when you need to be picked up, dusted off and sent out again.

One last thing …

My favorite song is Simple Man by Lynard Skynard.

Listen to it on repeat for the next week or two until it all sinks in.

I try to live it out in my life. It’ll serve you well too.

You are on a journey and I’m here to walk with you on it. Call anytime please.