Wanted: Add-on to Publish Slack Messages to WordPress Posts

We run a very active Slack community at Post Status. Unfortunately so many good things get buried in the async of it all.

I want to be able to …. click a message and send it to WordPress draft.

For instance, use the 3 vertical button in Slack and send it to my WordPress site.

I’m sure there’s a way to do this in Zapier … but I want it in the Slack app.

Wanted: no headline, mobile WP editor

Or the ability to turn a headline into another block type. Even a photo. A la Instagram.

The headline is a barrier.

Instagram freed up millions to publish and share something they “created” easily: photos.

You didn’t even have to do a caption.

And you did it from the tool you have with you all the time: your phone.

Tumblr as I recall also alleviated this barrier.

Backstory: As I’ve been publishing here for the last couple of months, I forced myself to get over obstacles to publishing like:

  • Thinking it had to be 1500 words
  • Optimized for search
  • For others

I did it for me and I just clicked published.

But the headline got in the way. A lot.

Sometimes I wanted to post Instagram style of my sketches, or photos. Sometimes just a quote. Or a question and use the comments to get feedback.

Without a headline … and yes on mobile.

Headlines get in the way of all of that. And I believe a synthetic obstacle which I asked in Post Status if it’s required on the backend of WordPress.

I don’t know all the technical constraints. (I’m not a dev.)

But if you could simply switch the headline to another block I’d buy that plugin today!

Doing it on mobile would be a bonus.

Consumer Unions

I just tried cancelling a subscription service. They make you call in. Go through a phone tree, verify, reverify your account number, security codes etc. They bounce you over to different department and do the same verify, reverify (oh you don’t have your 500 digit account number? Well sorry).

Even though you can conveniently pay online. But you can’t cancel online.

Why do these big corporations do this?

Because they know a % of people will give up.

It’s time for consumer unions (maybe that exist now already) but think Glassdoor except for customers and the old Labor Unions except for customers of big corporations.

We, customers, vote with our wallets.
But we need to band together to keep these huge corporations honest.
No one else is or will.

I don’t believe our political system is setup so that consumers have as much say as billion-dollar corporate entities, no matter the party or politician.

Who’s protecting us?

We must do so ourselves.