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An Email Newsletter Template to Emulate

I’ve been sending email newsletters for several years now and have to admit I haven’t perfected the skill of offering an email that maximizes click-thrus and actually gets read.

One of the most unique and effective examples I’ve seen of doing a blog-related email newsletter is from copywriter and internet marketer Michel Fortin. I can’t recall when he changed it to its current format, but it almost always gets my attention — for content and design — every time he sends it out.

Here’s an example of how it looks:

michel fortin email newsletter

 Michel’s email newsletter has several features that are quite distinctive:

  • You know who it’s coming from
  • The design is clean and crisp
  • The signature adds a personal touch
  • You have one link to click

Great work! What do you think? What techniques and tips can you offer?

How to Tweak Your Meta Tags on Your WordPress Blog

7 steps to optimizing your wordpress blogIn my new video tutorial package — 7 Steps to Optimizing Your WordPress Blog — I give the “best practices” I’ve used from more than a year and a half of blogging to garner more than 60 percent of my site’s traffic from the search engines (namely Google).

One “best practice” or step that I offer for free is this vide on How to Tweak Your Meta Tags on Your WordPress Blog.

Here’s how to do this and what I suggest …

To put in your new meta tags, go to Presentation / Theme Editor and then click on the header.php theme file.

In your Header theme file, you’ll want to add meta “description” and “keywords” for your site. (See the video for

Here’s the code you’ll want to include inside this header area, with sample content from my website:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Most important keyword phrases, more keyword phrases, even more keyword phrases, to Less important keyword phrases”>

<meta name=”description” content=”Put in a 1-2 sentence description of your site that will be displayed in Google”>

meta tags wordpress blog

Download the meta tag sample of the accompanying ebook tutorial here

Why These Meta Tags?

I suggest the Meta Tag Description because often Google and the search engines will use the Meta Tag Description in their search results for your site. Here is how it looks for this site in Google for the general keyword search of “cory miller”:

my meta tags

And the Meta Tag Keywords also show the search spiders what keywords you want your site to be included for … I think it’s just one more indicator and way to highlight the main keywords you want to be found for in the search engines. I would caution against overloading this meta tag with keywords that your blog doesn’t cover. Just pick out the main ones and highlight them here.

OK, that’s it … you can purchase the rest of the 7 Steps to Optimizing Your WordPress Blog here, which includes my QuickStart Guide to Using WordPres ebook as well, for an introductory price of $67.

How to Market Your Blog in Two Hours a Day

One of my clients, Jonathan Fields, just asked a bunch of great bloggers (including me) this question for a post on blog marketing:

“If you had 2-hours a day to devote to no-cost, off-blog (even off-line) marketing for your blog, what would you do?”

I’m privileged to have my answer included among an all-star blogging cast that includes Darren Rowse, Penelope Trunk, Maki at DoshDosh, Chris Garrett and a bunch of others  … you can also Digg it here.

Check out the full post here.

Why Your Blog Needs a Most Popular Posts List In the Sidebar

As I’m continuing to see more and more “Most Popular” lists pop up on blog sidebars, I thought it was time to share my experience with them and give a couple of reasons why they are probably a good idea for your blog. Read More→

Four Questions with Maki from

I’ve been reading Dosh Dosh, a site dedicated to helping you make money online, for a couple of months now and have been impressed by not only the practical advice I’ve gleaned off it, but also the style and quality of blog writing you can find there. So I emailed Maki a couple of questions to see if he’d share his expertise with you all.

Here’s the outstanding answers he sent to my questions:

1. You write consistently excellent titles … what quick advice can you give for helping business bloggers?

Read More→