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The New Rules of Entrepreneurship Ebook is Here

Thanks for the many people who helped edit and commented on my draft of The New Rules of Entrepreneurship and our team at iThemes, I’m excited to announce that the ebook is here for download.

Download The New Rules of Entrepreneurship Ebook Here

You can read the original blog post and rough outline I pushed out back in August for more background.

One Selfish Benefit For Living By the New Rules of Entrepreneurship

So after publishing my rough draft of the New Rules of Entrepreneurship, I thought I might have left out something substantial — the benefits.

I probably didn’t include them in the original draft, simply because I feel the rules are our responsibility, you know, the one about being decent human beings, regardless of the benefits.

But although I don’t think these rules should be mandatory, I do think it’s good to state the compelling benefits of doing business by the rules.

(By the way, I just added this to the conclusion in the draft of the New Rules, which you can help shape and edit here.)

So here’s what you do ….

  • Play and live by the rules. (It’s also just being a decent human being by the way.)
  • Don’t take or settle for less.
  • Always associate yourself with those who do and act the same. (In fact, demand it.)
  • And guess what … you will attract quality people into your business and life. 

Do good and right by people consistently, and you will attract quality team members, partners and, yes, customers. 

That’s the big, huge, enormous benefit. I’ve seen it happen. Over and over and over again.

Why will you attract quality people simply doing what’s right?

Because doing right and good, caring and serving others instills trust, respect and loyalty. 

And we are all attracted to people we can trust and who we respect.

Team members want to work for those who have values and live by them. Think about it: Do you want to work for a jerk or scumbag? Quite the opposite, we’re drawn like magnets to people and companies who have similar values.

(Sidebar: The New Rules is actually one of the best pieces of recruiting advice I could for your business. I know it’s the primary reason I’ve been lucky/blessed to work with the amazing people we have at iThemes. And it’s the reason why people continue to want to be a part of our team.)

Partners want to do business with you because you can be trusted to deliver on the promises you make. And that after you make an agreement, you’re not out there trying to undercut them somehow.

(Sidebar: This is the reason why I count some of the business friends and partners I have met as some of the best friends I have in LIFE. There are too many to name here and they know who they are.)

Customers want to know you believe in something, that you stand for something, and that at the basic level, you’ll do what you say you’ll do for them too.

Good, quality people are drawn to other good, quality people because we’re playing with the same rulebook that says we respect and value each other. We want the best for each other.

It’s Time For a New Set of Rules for Entrepreneurs

I’m pretty fed up with the current playbook for entrepreneurs.

Somehow we’ve gotten into this rut of a jacked up mindset that the key to success is to bulldoze people to get what we really want. We put profits over people. We make decisions that help us get where we want, at the increasing expense of those who got us here.

This is business as usual for us, entrepreneurs, and I’m tired of it. It’s such a waste of what I believe is a noble occupation and a higher calling.

We use the “It’s not personal, just business.” quote way too often as justification for it all. (Business is always personal, by the way.)

It’s a self-centered, self-focused, self-obsessed, supremely disastrous way of doing business.

And it’s time all of that stopped.

We need to burn the current playbook. We need a reorientation to what entrepreneurship should be about. (Hint: It’s about people and purpose plus profit … making meaning while making money).

We need to return to (or maybe start) the value-based entrepreneurship … one that puts people first, that’s about character, empathy, service and integrity and most of all, focusing on making the world a better place.

So I’ve been working on a new playbook and new set of rules for entrepreneurs that I’m rolling out for the first time here. My purpose, mission and aim is to change the way we think and act as entrepreneurs. That we have a set of principles, finally, to guide us, to be measured by and to help correct us when we’ve went AWOL from them.

And I think it starts with these principles:

  1. Do right
  2. Do good
  3. Care
  4. Be genuine and authentic
  5. Be open and honest
  6. Serve others

In full disclosure: I’ve broken all of these principles at some point in my career. I’m not perfect and not suggesting I am. Far, far, far from it. But I’ve sought to live out my life as an entrepreneur and leader by these simple values each and every day and they’ve served me well.

My first draft of the playbook is already 2,800 words. But I need your help and perspective and feedback to shape it. Who knows where it goes from here, but I want to at least take a bold first step to see change I believe needs to happen.

My request is for you to help me edit it and make it better. Highlight the sections you see that need refinement or editing and make a comment. Make sure you put your name so I can thank you once it’s finalized and released. I’m certain I’ve missed things. Key things. The last time I did this I got some amazing comments and edits that made the project so much better and impactful. I know if anything it’ll give me the opportunity to clarify what I’m actually trying to say.

You can read the really, really rough draft here now. (Keeping in mind it is an early draft of an unfinished project … so you’ll see plenty of loose ends, studs, exposed plumbing. You’ll also see it evolve throughout the process as I’m, even now, working on it.)

So I’m crowdsourcing the editorial process with you again … and I hope you’ll help me, help others, by establishing a new set of rules for entrepreneurs to live and operate and yes, be measured, evaluated and judged by.