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Rockin Blue 3 Column WordPress Theme Released

rockin blue wordpress theme 3 column

Based on the great results I got from my 2 column Rockin Blue theme, I’m releasing a 3 column version of it with some tweaks that I hope will make it an even better theme.

Download the theme here.
Demo it here.

UPDATE: If you downloaded this theme prior to Sunday, Feb. 25, you’ll probably have problems with sidebar widgets duplicated on both sidebars. The link above is the corrected version.

Please make any comments or suggestion here. Thanks!

8 Reasons Why I Love WordPress

I’ve been blogging with WordPress since roughly November 2006 and have fallen in love with the blogging platform.

Here are 8 reasons why I love WordPress:

  1. Google loves WordPress — I love Google and I love WordPress and the two seem to be lifelong buddies.
  2. If you can operate Microsoft Word, you can probably use WordPress — Or maybe I should say, if you operate WordPress, you can probably operate Word?
  3. In taste tests, WordPress beats Blogger every day — I started out on Blogger and love that it helped me start crawling in blogging … but the keyword is “crawling.”
  4. Thousands of rockin’ free themes are out there to use
  5. And more are added each day — I threw mine into the mix!
  6. It lowers the bar for what it takes to maintain websites — Although WordPress is a blogging platform, it’s really so much more.
  7. No software needed — Have laptop and wireless connection? Go blog in Starbucks if you want and blog about your cats.
  8. One-click installs and the 5-minute installation — Can it get any faster?

Bonus: You get all this … and it’s FREE!

RockinBlue WordPress Theme Released

wordpress theme rockin blueRockinBlue is a clean, sleek, modern WordPress theme that is designed to be highly customizable.

Download the zip file here.

Demo it at on the theme viewer here.


  • Added “Recent Posts” to sidebar
  • Tweaked title tag to include Blog Name

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