Custom WordPress Themes

Made by WheatLooking for something a little more than a pre-designed theme?

Often I say that iThemes is like the Home Depot of web design. You come to our store, pick out the tools and templates you want to use and you do-it-yourself. We offer a great support forum backed by knowledgable and helpful moderators, but ultimately, you build your sites yourself.

However, we also offer custom services through Made by Wheat. At Wheat we want to serve a different and unique kind of client who doesn’t fit our typical iThemes customer, but wants more custom, hands-on consulting and design services.

We come alongside you and your business or organization to develop a custom web strategy and design perfectly fit to your needs and customers. We use the great iThemes software and PluginBuddy products as a launching point to create a beautiful website for you.

If you have a project that might need this type of attention, please feel free to contact us.