How to Avoid Workplace Burnout

After reading Penelope’s post on job burnout, I just took the Burnout Self-Test.

She notes in her article that serial entrepreneurs are less prone to burnout (they are fulfilled in what they do) and nurses, particularly in burn wards where often patients do not get better are the most prone to burnout.

It’s a pretty fascinating article and makes sense.

With my blog design business, I’ve fulfilled a lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur. And I’ve never worked harder or longer in my life. But I’ve loved every (almost) minute of it. And loving what I’m doing (passion), being in control of it for the most part, and the fact that it has helped me achieve many of our family’s financial goals has given me all the energy I need (so far) to withstand any thought of burnout.

But following Brian’s example, I realize it a good thing to take some much needed rest once in a while.

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