New Mexico’s Excellent Road Conditions Website

Over the holiday season, my wife and I decided to take a long-delayed snow skiing vacation in the mountains of New Mexico (specifically Angel Fire). Anyway, today, while we were trying to head home, we learned Interstate 40 was closed due to snow conditions — from (believe it or not) Albuquerque to the Texas state line!

Forced to find a hotel on the road, we got one and are now warm and happily cruising the Internet. But after we got in, relatives told us of an excellent website called New Mexico Road Traveler Information Service maintained by the state’s Department of Transportation.

Now, granted, this isn’t run by a for-profit small business … but it’s one handy helpful example of how you can help your customers stay informed of specific emergency news in your industry.

And for a tourist who will be coming back to the beautiful New Mexico mountains … I’m one happy camper … I mean snow skiier!

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