What Cory Is Doing Now

Thanks for being interested in who I am (well maybe my professional bio) and what I am doing now.

First and foremost, they aren’t a project … but my Core Three (Lindsey, Caloway, Lillian) are the center of my life.

When I have fallen, been dragged, busted my nose and cried at life, they just love me. For me. They inspire me, support me, encourage me and ultimately free me to do the work I do in the world that gives me great fulfillment. They are my muse for all of what has come or is to come. (Love you babes!)

My current “professional” projects, passions, interests:

  • Mental Health always and forever. One of my core missions in life is to normalize the conversation around mental health so that others feel empowered and free to ask for and receive help and support. If I’m asked to share my story with others, 99% of the time I’ll likely say YES.
  • Post Status I am a partner with Brian Krogsgard in this fantastic community of WordPress professionals. If you do WP for a living, this is your people. Come join the club.
  • Leader.Team and Exit Exercise another partnership with a dear friend, Jeff Meziere. We support fellow entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Digital Marketing Kitchen — another partnership with a dear friend, Rebecca Gill. We are teaching our system for organic digital marketing and supporting those seeking to grow their businesses and organizations.
  • Vida Bars yes, yet another partnership (seeing a pattern here) with dear friend Ana Nunez to offer shampoos and conditions for curly hair girls (and guys). I’ve got a curly hair redhead at home. And using it on my beard too.

If you’d like to chat, hit my contact form.



This page initially inspired by Paul Jarvis

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