When The Game Gets Too Serious

It’d been decades since I played chess as I recalled, when a couple months ago my son miraculously showed up one day asking to play with me.

I had a felt … a ting of resistance.

I played chess a lot in high school, mainly passing by the lunch period time. And I recall really enjoying it.

The strategy intrigued me.

And then I played some in college.

…. until I broke my hand

…. punching a cabinet

… in frustration for having lost a chess game to my roommate

… who was celebrating like he’d won the Super Bowl

… after losing 10 times to me.

I think, yeah, that was my wakeup call:

I was taking the game WAY too seriously.

I mean even typing it it feels rather drippingly obvious.

Look at it as a headline:

Kid Breaks Hand
After Losing Chess Game

That might have been the last game I played before my son asked me a few months ago.

It seems obvious now … but then it didn’t, until I broke my hand in anger after losing a game that I was taking the game and winning WAY too serious.

ONE game, mind you, not a bunch, but one out of 10.

And that wakeup call told me to take a big huge step back from it, which I obviously did.

Fast forward to today …

I realized I’ve been playing the game of business, of work … WAY too serious, for way too long.

I’ve been mired in anger and frustration.

Then I crashed and burned.

Only months later, I’m realizing some of what happened …. but today I. know …

The game, the fun, disappeared when the stakes got too big and I started taking it increasingly more serious.

There was a lot to lose after all, right?
There was more to prove, right?

That’s when the game I used to love playing … became work.

And the answers to those questions truly ….

Nothing. At least of real value.

Let’s turn the music back on at work … and have some fun again.

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