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I tweeted this status update yesterday and got such great response to it that I wanted to post the conversation that ensued here:

It’s sad that I use my blog reader maybe once a week now & Twitter everyday almost like a reader – how often do you use your reader?

Here’s just some of the awesome responses aka @replies I got:

benehrlich: I use my RSS reader every day. Though I should probably read some more worthwhile stuff.

about a day ago

chrisjean: I never used RSS. It demanded too much attention. I always felt it was an unproductive timesuck.

about a day ago

adbrad: about 250 posts a day. Every day.

about a day ago

rzen: not to mention regularly throughout the day

about a day ago

rzen: I stopped checking my ggl rdr months ago. Twitter, though, is the last thing I check before bed & the 1st thing in the a.m.

about a day ago

kimparsell: I very rarely open my feed reader anymore. Usually find all the good stuff right here on Twitter via the ppl I follow.

about a day ago

rbhavesh: been 2 months since i opened google reader. RSS is dead?

about a day ago

granata: Twitter will never replace my feed reader.

about a day ago

jasondlee: I use my reader a LOT still.

about a day ago

CraigTuller: I still use Reader every morning to get the latest news, etc. Twitter just doesn&#39t provide everything.

about a day ago

conorpegypt: I haven&#39t opened my reader in months. If an article is any good people will share it on Twitter.

about a day ago

corymiller303: It&#39s sad that I use my blog reader maybe once a week now & Twitter everyday almost like a reader – how often do you use your reader?

about a day ago

What did I learn from this conversation?

  • Ask more questions in tweets … people want to participate in the conversation.
  • Sometimes the best stuff is unplanned … be more compulsive about asking questions … I was reading my RSS feed subscriptions on my iPhone when the question or thought came to mind.
  • Engage in the conversation back … this is called, yes, being interactive. I tried to respond to all the people who took the time to answer my question. I loved that and hope the people I did realized I valued their answers.
  • Conversations build community … I was just thrilled to be in conversations with people who felt it was as relevant as me.
  • I learned a lot … about the question and how people use RSS.

Simply put:

Ask questions.

Start conversations.

Let others have the microphone.

Interact with them.

Learn and grow.

Have fun doing it!

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