30 Days of Clicking Publish Leadership

What Would Make Today a Win?

Been reading The Gap and The Gain by Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. I’ve known of this concept of which the book is named of Dan’s for a while now. But I stumbled into the chapter talking about success criteria and tried working on that over the weekend. A question to help me unearth the […]


Not a Solopreneur

Confession: I’m not a very good solopreneur. At all. I know great solopreneurs. I’m not one. I’m a TEAMpreneur. I need collaborators, team, other people. I am so much BETTER WITH others.

30 Days of Clicking Publish

Reflections on 30 Days of Clicking Publish

Tammie wrote her takeaways here and I want to share mine. So here are my takeaways and reflections on Clicking Publish for 30+ days: I LOVED IT! — And I want to grow it. It was a blast. I forgot how fun Clicking Publish was and is. It became an AMAZING keystone habit for me […]

30 Days of Clicking Publish Mental Health

On Being Seen

To be seen. To be known. To be recognized and have your presence acknowledged. To know that I am here and you mark me as “present and accounted for.” It’s a special human to human gift. The last couple years I’ve heard this concept of the “authentic self” and been exploring its truth in my […]

30 Days of Clicking Publish Career Advice

The Power of Like

The power of Like at work (and in life) is so underrated. Sure, you don’t have to love every single thing about your work, but shouldn’t you at least LIKE it? I mean, the worse case scenario is that you HATE it. You loathe going to work. You cringe at it. It is the path […]