Full Heart, Clear Eyes, Can’t Lose … Even In the Lows

I’m a real sucker for inspirational speeches from movies.

And I was talking with an entrepreneur this week who is experiencing the downs of business. And I shared this clip.

Here’s some things that stuck out to me with the inevitable lows in business and this clip.

We ALL go through it if we’ve done it for very long. That’s the first.

If you don’t think so … you’re in a high time right now.

Savor it. Be thankful for it. But no one is exempt. Eventually life and business will teach it to you.

When you’re in a high tide, it’s, “Wow, I’m good at this.”

When you’re in a low tide, it’s, “Wow, I suck at this.”

It teaches deep humility … that will eventually express itself as gratitude and empathy. I know … first-hand. It taught it to me … and occasionally still reteaches it to me.

So you’re not alone. That’s the second. Which is really the first.

Over and over and over … I’m not alone. And you don’t have to go it alone.

For me, the third is …. the full heart part.

These tough “low” times eventually point me back to my heart …. the things I really care about, my values. (The values part I learned from my counselor.)

It’s usually a deeply sometimes painfully clarifying time.

If you do the full heart part right, that process gives me the clear eyes part.

It’s life/business pushing down on you, whispering in your ear …. what’s this all … really …. about for you?

With a full heart, I get clear eyes …. and THEN I feel I’m right where I need to be, doing what I need to be doing.

Oh, and the final part is … letting go.

But in the clip, the coach says, “Can’t lose.”

So how can you “not lose” and also “let go?”

Well, I think if you get the full heart part right and you’re grounded in what matters and operating from that center … the clear eyes part comes sharply into focus … and yeah, you can’t lose.

You WILL lose something. It WILL suck sometimes.

But I’m learning from this class that’s still in session, that they were likely the things you needed to lose all along.

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