Moving my next chapter office

The next chapter office is closing and on to a much nicer one with Lindsey

Three years ago I rented a little “dorm room” sized office for my next chapter home.

It was $200 a month. I paid more for internet. And this pic above was me taking a next step into this chapter of my life.

This week I’m moving out.

I don’t take time typically to mark events and significant moves like this so I want to simmer on this one a bit.

Here are some thoughts:

Times is remarkably slow as you go through the slog … it feels like slow motion.

But how did 3 years go by?

For the first year I showed up and sat, mostly agonizing what I would do next.

My friends who’d been through acquisitions and next chapters said to go analog for 3-6 months and just recharge. I didn’t do it.

I wish I could have.

But I put pressure on myself and didn’t want to loose brand momentum or miss out on opportunities. So I kept showing up and banging my head and beating my chest to see what would come out.

Mostly nothing.

But other things were transpiring outside of my view. Thankfully.

This next office is an upgrade. I didn’t pay enough attention or was too cheap to make it aesthetically pleasing and inspiring. But I did some. Mostly putting up quotes in my view.

I want to work in an airy inspiring beautiful place.

Not be stuck in one room but be able to love around.

Be around cool entrepreneurs is an awesome bonus.

This new one fits the bill perfectly!

Don’t make them think

The pioneering web design book titled Don’t Make Me Think made a huge impression on me over a decade ago … and the title has become a mantra for me in business and marketing.

  • Don’t make prospective customers on a sales page think hard
  • When publishing a blog post or sending an email don’t make the recipients think
  • When designing a call to action, don’t make them think, help them act!

Don’t make them think!

Vision and Values are key LEGO blocks on teams

My son got a huge LEGO set for Christmas — the Republic Gunship. It’s almost 4,000 pieces.

He’s working on it today and occasionally gets stumped and asks for help.

Invariably it’s a block 5 pages back that was put on wrong.

The foundation was off.

And it got me thinking about a business and a team.

If we don’t get the foundation right we will get off track.

Mistakes multiply.

My conversion of this to my businesses and teams is all about vision and values.

  • Vision is where we are going.
  • Values are how we go about it.

I love being a coaching leader.

But if my team isn’t clear about where we are going and the “rules” of engagement we won’t get there fast. We will get somewhere in factions and fragments.

I’d rather get there fast and together.