My Career in Publishing, So Far

Recently I’ve been in a very good and healthy headspace to review my career so far and do some reflecting and, really, feel how proud I am of it all.

This is who I was (or rather what I did) before riding the adventure of entrepreneurship for the last 15 years.

But they all resonate and build on each other. Even if I didn’t always see it.

The special theme of my career has been publishing.

When I looked up the origins of publishing, it was “make public.”

I love that. I cherish that. Making public is magic to me. And I’ve been reflecting on those magical times when I was able to “click publish” in some fashion and release my (and others) thoughts, opinions, ideas and perspectives into our world.

It’s releasing something you hold special of yours into the wild, into the sunshine of life. And seeing what the world makes of it.

That’ll always be magic for me.

The spark for this long journey was my first Letter to the Editor in my local hometown newspaper as a teenager.

My path in publishing started with newspapers (always my heart), switched lanes into magazines, then went into organizational communications (a church and seminary) …. and eventually into websites and blogging.

Which all gathered a new evolved focus in business and software and products. And public speaking and now community.

The channels and niches changed, but one constant has been that act of “making public.”

And yes, I found the ultimate publishing tool and community. And it only accelerated all of this.

And I took all of that experience and applied it in business. Publishing was part of our DNA.

Today as I reflect back, it all makes sense to me. I can see now with clarity – this adventure of publishing and the roads and places it’s led me. And I’m dearly thankful for it and also very very proud of my career in publishing.

I think of it very romantically …. a true love affair in my work …. and to me, it’s been part of my life’s art.

I remember early on, thinking of my career and in my early 20s I thought … ok, one day, maybe I’ll be a Publisher.

I never thought it’d be in the role I am today, but I really cherish that evolution.

And honestly, I don’t know what all the future holds, but know I still have some magic left to the explore.

But damn am I so grateful for the road here.

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