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The Power of Like

The power of Like at work (and in life) is so underrated. Sure, you don’t have to love every single thing about your work, but shouldn’t you at least LIKE it? I mean, the worse case scenario is that you HATE it. You loathe going to work. You cringe at it. It is the path […]

30 Days of Clicking Publish Career Advice Leadership

The Power of Yet

So many times we get into these self-limiting, self-defeating conversations with ourselves. I didn’t get the project done. I’m not a leader. I haven’t built a million dollar company. I haven’t mastered giving and getting feedback. I’m not where I want to be. But then there is one of the most powerful words in the […]

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The ultimate skillset I want to teach my kids

… is entrepreneurship. No matter if they don’t choose to be an entrepreneur, I want them to learn the mindset and skillset of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is THE essential skill for the next generation. Here’s why: We are hip deep in the age of rapid change and disruption. And we have to learn how to […]

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10 Pieces Of Career Advice For Young People

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Need Some Clarity? Schedule a Call With Me

For some time now I’ve gotten regular requests to do phone calls and consulting. I enjoy talking, listening and helping people, particularly entrepreneurs and young people looking for career direction. Today, I’m taking a step to do that even more, by setting up my expert profile at Clarity. Sometimes it just helps to get an […]