The Power of Like

The power of Like at work (and in life) is so underrated.

Sure, you don’t have to love every single thing about your work, but shouldn’t you at least LIKE it?

I mean, the worse case scenario is that you HATE it.

You loathe going to work. You cringe at it.

It is the path to rotting you from the inside out.
It is the quickest way to suffering, disease and death.

Here’s the deal about my work:

I love WORK.
It’s the perfect video game for me.
I get to contribute my talents to others.
I do good works for others and I get paid for it.

But when it sucks for a long time with no hope for change, I HAVE to change it.

I’m forced to.

If I don’t I make myself and everyone around me miserable. Absolutely miserable. Been there, done it, have the shirt and scars to show (and so do others).

So at a minimum, I want to LIKE the key ingredients of work:

  • I want to like WHAT I do
  • I want to like WHO I do it WITH
  • And I want to like WHO I do it FOR

The power of LIKE is huge, foundational. But too many of us end up sucking it up, swallowing the misery and rotting our lives out.

Don’t do that. Life truly is too short for BS.


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The Power of Yet

So many times we get into these self-limiting, self-defeating conversations with ourselves.

I didn’t get the project done.

I’m not a leader.

I haven’t built a million dollar company.

I haven’t mastered giving and getting feedback.

I’m not where I want to be.

But then there is one of the most powerful words in the Universe to tack on.


This isn’t my idea … I’ve read it in books, and think my coach even said it to me this week, but I was reminded of this powerful word.

It embodies the Growth Mindset.

We’re not fixed.

We’re not static.

We can and should be GROWING.

When you hear yourself saying you’re fixed, remember to add: YET.


This post is part of my 30 Days of Clicking Publish

The ultimate skillset I want to teach my kids

… is entrepreneurship.

No matter if they don’t choose to be an entrepreneur, I want them to learn the mindset and skillset of the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is THE essential skill for the next generation.

Here’s why:

We are hip deep in the age of rapid change and disruption.

And we have to learn how to evolve and adapt FASTER than we ever have in human history.

THAT is what the best entrepreneurs I’ve known do.

They are wired to navigate change amidst uncertainty, to spot it on the horizon, to get ahead of it, flip it on its head, spin it around, and leverage it for their next best.

2020 should have slapped us in the face with this truth.

As a species, we had to re-learn how to adapt quickly. All our key routines were disrupted, the key ones I noticed were: Work and Education.

But even our Social lives had to change and adapt.

And in the years and decades to come, change and disruption are only going to accelerate at insane speeds.

And that brings me back to entrepreneurship as a skillset for the next generation, and maybe my brand of entrepreneurship, but here’s some components of what that embodies:

  • To adapt, change, pivot, transform, and to turn on a dime, your career, your identity, your routines
  • To being ready to Quick Start problem solving for yourself and others, improvisation, learning from mistakes and failures quickly and iterating, critical decision making and not ever waiting for someone else to hand the answer down to you
  • To deal with constant uncertainty — and more importantly staying calm, cool, collected and centered while you ‘figure it out’ on the fly
  • To be watching, looking ahead, playing the tape forward, being 3 moves ahead
  • To see a path where there is none … and blaze ahead anyway
  • Always be looking ahead while being grounded in the present
  • To diversify all the things — have a backup plan and a backup to the backup plan
  • Understand how to consistently see, create and offer VALUE to others — we’re trying to teach our children this … you want money to buy things, but how do you make money? Why would someone want to give you money?
  • Always be building the BEST relationships
  • Always be learning and growing new things — you haven’t arrived, so stay curious and open and embrace the beginner mindset (which sucks in the moment as I’ve been reminded of the past two years)

But if I had to boil it down to two skillsets and mindsets it would be:

The ability to ADAPT fast … in the midst of UNCERTAINTY

Over and over and over, it’s something I’ve lived, learned, relearned, struggled with, complained about and ultimately been so much better off for knowing/doing …

And it’s also the theme in my mind as my children grow up and walk into this ever-evolving world they will inherit.


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