What Would Make Today a Win?

Been reading The Gap and The Gain by Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. I’ve known of this concept of which the book is named of Dan’s for a while now.

But I stumbled into the chapter talking about success criteria and tried working on that over the weekend.

A question to help me unearth the answer on a regular basis (to help me know what I should be focused on) was:

What would make today a win?

I thought of three instantly (long-term, kind of the ALWAYS WINS):

  1. Genuine human connection — This goes back to my life mantra: Make People’s Lives Awesome. And it starts first with my family (Lindsey, kiddos), then team/partners, then cool peeps.
  2. Starting, refining and publishing thoughts, ideas — today will be my first day in my next Click Publish series.
  3. Taking care of myself — Water, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, counselor, coach, comrades, doctor.

That’s a good start for me.

But then I asked myself …

What would make today a win currently?

And I framed it in my business and family projects and the big stuff I’m trying to get accomplished.

  • Progress toward establishing and aligning our team at Post Status
  • Taking over more house and kid things from Lindsey
  • Continuing to do my work with my counselor
  • Getting product launched and profitable at my mental health startup

OK, that’s mine for now.

What about you?

Does this frame and perspective help you think about and actually make great progress toward your hopes, goals and dreams?

Reflections on 30 Days of Clicking Publish

Tammie wrote her takeaways here and I want to share mine.

So here are my takeaways and reflections on Clicking Publish for 30+ days:

  1. I LOVED IT! — And I want to grow it. It was a blast. I forgot how fun Clicking Publish was and is.
  2. It became an AMAZING keystone habit for me — domino’d into other areas of my life, including exercise.
  3. Habits take time and planning — no getting around it. You can make it easier on yourself, try to automated things but habits simply take time. I loved the time I spent writing though! It reinvigorated me.
  4. Stayed focused on just writing just enough to convey a concept — Not on making it SEO friendly or even comprehensive. In fact, I did the opposite and it helped me keep Clicking Publish.
  5. I made a bunch of mistakes — And I’m OK with that. A couple of things were taken not as I intended and I tried to clarify. I know I made spelling and grammar mistakes but mostly reading back I know they lacked polish. I’d love to have an editor and coach for these going froward.
  6. Get on it early — get ahead, stay ahead. Sometimes I fell behind. But simmering on ideas was key and having a running idea list that is LOOOOOOONG and fun.
  7. Determining the idea was the tougher part — This follows the previous
  8. Tons of promotional benefits — I somehow forgot that when you put your work or ideas into the world it has a resonating effect and impact. I got a ton of RTs, tweets, DMs, comments and email subscribers! Additionally a great developer at Post Status also built a functioning site to use for future Click Publish
  9. Discovered some things I want to return to — I’m someone that needs to rehearse, particularly ideas and opinions. But along the way I discovered some concepts I want to lean into, flesh out, expand. This is exactly as I thought it would go, or better.
  10. Tech can get in the way of best intentions — You can have all the energy and motivation and then …. tech will cause you to stumble and be deflating. And I love tech. i.e. noticed some buggy things in the WordPress App (and need to report them).
  11. Stack up multiple benefits — as I Clicked Publish there were so many benefits that kept stacking up. A takeaway for my life and habits is to have a primary motivator for anything I do, but then to maximize the benefits of it. I’ll talk about what’s next in a bit.

As you can see I’m really pumped!

AND yes, I’m going to keep going …. but this week I’m working on a new Click Publish one that syncs learning, rehearsal and a new platform to lean in on. Stay tuned!


This post is part of my 30 Days of Clicking Publish

On Being Seen

To be seen.

To be known.

To be recognized and have your presence acknowledged.

To know that I am here and you mark me as “present and accounted for.”

It’s a special human to human gift.

The last couple years I’ve heard this concept of the “authentic self” and been exploring its truth in my life.

I’m so thankful today for the gift my wife Lindsey has given me of truly being seen.

You see me. You see more of me than I see right now in myself. And you accept me for me.

May I continue to have the courage to discover and unearth all of myself.

And love me for me too.

The Power of Like

The power of Like at work (and in life) is so underrated.

Sure, you don’t have to love every single thing about your work, but shouldn’t you at least LIKE it?

I mean, the worse case scenario is that you HATE it.

You loathe going to work. You cringe at it.

It is the path to rotting you from the inside out.
It is the quickest way to suffering, disease and death.

Here’s the deal about my work:

I love WORK.
It’s the perfect video game for me.
I get to contribute my talents to others.
I do good works for others and I get paid for it.

But when it sucks for a long time with no hope for change, I HAVE to change it.

I’m forced to.

If I don’t I make myself and everyone around me miserable. Absolutely miserable. Been there, done it, have the shirt and scars to show (and so do others).

So at a minimum, I want to LIKE the key ingredients of work:

  • I want to like WHAT I do
  • I want to like WHO I do it WITH
  • And I want to like WHO I do it FOR

The power of LIKE is huge, foundational. But too many of us end up sucking it up, swallowing the misery and rotting our lives out.

Don’t do that. Life truly is too short for BS.


This post is part of my 30 Days of Clicking Publish