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What Would Make Today a Win?

Been reading The Gap and The Gain by Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. I’ve known of this concept of which the book is named of Dan’s for a while now.

But I stumbled into the chapter talking about success criteria and tried working on that over the weekend.

A question to help me unearth the answer on a regular basis (to help me know what I should be focused on) was:

What would make today a win?

I thought of three instantly (long-term, kind of the ALWAYS WINS):

  1. Genuine human connection — This goes back to my life mantra: Make People’s Lives Awesome. And it starts first with my family (Lindsey, kiddos), then team/partners, then cool peeps.
  2. Starting, refining and publishing thoughts, ideas — today will be my first day in my next Click Publish series.
  3. Taking care of myself — Water, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, counselor, coach, comrades, doctor.

That’s a good start for me.

But then I asked myself …

What would make today a win currently?

And I framed it in my business and family projects and the big stuff I’m trying to get accomplished.

  • Progress toward establishing and aligning our team at Post Status
  • Taking over more house and kid things from Lindsey
  • Continuing to do my work with my counselor
  • Getting product launched and profitable at my mental health startup

OK, that’s mine for now.

What about you?

Does this frame and perspective help you think about and actually make great progress toward your hopes, goals and dreams?

One reply on “What Would Make Today a Win?”

I like this idea of making TODAY a win. Yes, we have goals and bigger things we are working on and thinking about. But what about today? I lose a lot of days thinking about tomorrow – or next month – or next year.

I am also reading this book and really hope to see how I can implement changes in my daily life. Not just to be happy. But to be fulfilled.

For me, a win today is:
Interact in a meaningful way with my wife and kids.
Interact with someone out of my home in a meaningful way.
Get my thoughts out into the world via today’s post.

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