on Their Problems as Your Opportunities

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This is about marketing.

Just got off a call where the prospective client was open and honest about what their issues are, but even more so their clients issues.

Client/customer problems are GOLD.

Where are they frustrated?

What are they worried about?

What’s in their way?

More importantly, how do they talk about their own problems and challenges.

Particularly for businesses who see the value of content marketing, this is where I always start.

Start here …. start talking about THEIR problems.

Own their problems as opportunities to help solve and support them.

And that’s where I’ve always started with content marketing.

I like to ask customer-facing team members what they are hearing as DIRECT from the customers as possible (and not a rephrase of it, or even their opinions on it at first), because it’s your starting point for any content marketing, communications and messaging.

Use problems to see obstacles in your customers minds and journey …. and abolish them for your customers.

Imagine that feeling when they get an idea or an answer, or a way to think about their problem better …. from an expert … like you?

That’s my foundational approach to content marketing.

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