Why Click Publish Is Magic

This is the first post in my next 30 Days of Click Publish challenge. If you wanna join in at Post Status, join the -publish channel and share yours there!

It’s been two years or so since I’ve done my last 30 Days of Click Publish challenge. But I’m excited again to restart it because in the last year I’ve been reflecting back on my life and career and seen Clicking Publish as a hallmark theme for me.

It has a VERY special place in my heart and life.

Even though my story is related to actually clicking publish either for a newspaper, or on the web, it’s really about that one scary little bold step out to make your ideas, expertise, experiences, stories, your art public

It’s been life changing for me. And one of the “secrets” of my success.

Clicking Publish, putting yourself out there, has opened up doors to amazing careers, business, relationships, camaraderie and much much more. It’s part of my expression in life.

It’s the times when I took a small bold step to put myself OUT THERE … and sometimes, honestly, that just meant showing up … and great things I couldn’t have imagined HAPPENED.

The first Click Publish pivotal moment I have is when I was a teenager.

I had seen our weekly hometown newspaper on the coffee tables of both of my grandparents for years. One day as I was looking through it, I saw a “Letter to the Editor” page. And that anyone could submit a letter.

Maybe it was around the time I was reading a book on environmentalism and the spark ignited. I would write a Letter to the Editor about it.

So I did. I can’t remember if it was on a computer or hand written, but I wrote my letter. Edited, reedited, refined. Got it where I wanted it …. then I hoped on my bike and rode to the newspaper office and delivered it.

The next week or so …. it was PUBLISHED.

I was so excited to see my thoughts/ideas out there. And yes, my grandparents and family would see it.

It was magical. And I was hooked forever.

I can trace back now so many things in my life to that moment when I put myself out there and TRIED.

Of course there are hundreds of moments when nothing happened too (that I know of). But that moment was a domino for me.

I might share the hundreds of other moments connected to that first domino, but suffice to say, it opened up so many doors and opportunities — my path in life — that I’m forever grateful for.

Just by taking that one little bold risk.

So here I am today …. trying to take little bold steps, one day at a time.

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2 responses to “Why Click Publish Is Magic”

  1. I can relate to your beginnings into the amazing paths that are opened just by ‘clicking publish’. This was wonderful reliving my own memories brought up by yours.

    Thank you for your personal thoughts and for motivating myself to join along!

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