30 Days of Clicking Publish

I regularly coach and offer advice for other people trying to get started on most anything, but especially writing and publishing, to Just Get Started.

In fact, I did a whole talk on Click Publish because I feel so strongly about helping people get started and the value of publishing online.

Seth Godin says blogging made his career.

It made mine.

Confession time.

But here’s the honest truth ….

It’s way easier for me to coach other people, particularly on writing or publishing, because I have struggled so much with it personally.

However … it’s time to take a big dose my own advice.

Get started.
Just go.
Click publish.

I’ve been struggling with this for years. Taking my own FANTASTIC advice.

This week I finally told my coach, “I’m going to do a 30-day challenge on writing.”

So, for the next 30 days, starting today, I’ve committed to Clicking Publish myself … every day.

I’ve set this commitment for several key reasons:

  • I am focusing on improving my discipline muscle
  • I want to kickstart my content creation aka writing habit
  • I want to help others by sharing what I’m learning, my mistakes, and what I’ve have learned
  • I want to rough draft ideas and concepts, see what resonates and identify those as ones to further expand
  • It gives me a reason to use Gutenberg for 30 days and share what I’ve learned for Post Status
  • And maybe the best one of all: I want work on my discipline. And I’m combining things I want to get done.

Taking my own medicine means …

  • Just start. Just get started. Just freakin’ do it. Today and every day.
  • Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Don’t overthink or overcomplicate it.
  • You’ll figure it out and learn something big THROUGH the 30 days, through working that muscle, BY clicking publish. Promise you.
  • You can and will make mistakes. Cory, don’t beat yourself up. Seriously, stop, don’t. Right now.
  • Use templates and frameworks to help. (Thanks Chris Lema and Jenn Bourn!)
  • It’s about The PRACTICE. Building that muscle. Put your art out into the world.
  • Share it with someone who can help encourage you in the highs and lows.

Speaking of that, if you’d like to join me, I’ve created a new Slack Channel at Post Status called #clickpublish.

Come join me.


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