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I was just talking with my coach about this.

Some of my heroes growing up were Superman and He-Man.

I marveled at what they could do. Even if they were cartoons and characters in a fictional story.

Superman saves the day. He has strength and power and ability to literally save the day.

In many ways, that’s the ideal archetype costume I try to wear, with diminishing results.

Save the day, Cory, for everyone.

Come in to solve the crisis, generate the creative ideas needed to move us out of danger, be the rock, and yes, end up the hero of the day.

And talking with my coach about it, I realized how I’ve used these fictional characters to create this idea of “how Cory can be really special” and more. More than I was or am.

And if I’m not doing that, how bad I feel about myself.

In entrepreneurship, I played Superman in my head so many times. I felt like Superman so many times too, because I got to save the day.

Oh, do I hear a problem out there?

Fly in. Save the day.

It was a rush, a high. But it came at a price.

Trying to be more than just me. It was completely unsustainable.

I had to amp myself up every day to put on the suit and cape.

And it broke me. Playing Superman.

What I’m learning now is how to just be Cory.

… because it’s really time to retire Superman Cory.

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