The Power of Like

The power of Like at work (and in life) is so underrated.

Sure, you don’t have to love every single thing about your work, but shouldn’t you at least LIKE it?

I mean, the worse case scenario is that you HATE it.

You loathe going to work. You cringe at it.

It is the path to rotting you from the inside out.
It is the quickest way to suffering, disease and death.

Here’s the deal about my work:

I love WORK.
It’s the perfect video game for me.
I get to contribute my talents to others.
I do good works for others and I get paid for it.

But when it sucks for a long time with no hope for change, I HAVE to change it.

I’m forced to.

If I don’t I make myself and everyone around me miserable. Absolutely miserable. Been there, done it, have the shirt and scars to show (and so do others).

So at a minimum, I want to LIKE the key ingredients of work:

  • I want to like WHAT I do
  • I want to like WHO I do it WITH
  • And I want to like WHO I do it FOR

The power of LIKE is huge, foundational. But too many of us end up sucking it up, swallowing the misery and rotting our lives out.

Don’t do that. Life truly is too short for BS.


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