To Flourishing in 2022

This morning I’ve been starting to dream about 2022 and what I want to make of it in the key areas of my life.

And that led me to Zig Ziglars classic Success for Dummies which has a wheel of life assessment.

Then I rediscovered the Flourishing Assessment.

I self-scored a 68 but the exercise gave me some glaring areas of improvement (physical health).

And I started to think what would make the rating in each area to the next level.

That simple tweaking of the knobs is inspiring to me as I seek to take more control and autonomy and assertiveness about the quality of my life.

Reconnecting to heart

I’ve mentioned before that I am viewing this chapter of my life not as summiting a mountain but growing a lush vibrant garden.

My coach asked me to close my eyes and describe what that looks like.

Eventually I said Te Fiti, the goddess with the power to create life in the awesome movie Moana.

She looks like a lush garden or is covered in green and when she is healthy she exudes growth and life.

Te Fiti
Te Fiti

As I continued I realized how much of my life parallels the story of Te Fiti.

Her heart was stolen. And she turned into Te Ka, essentially a scary demon who spews fire lava.

Moana is on a mission to save her village by restoring the heart of Te Fiti. And in this clip she realizes that Te Ka is Te Fiti and seeks to restore and return her heart.

It’s quite beautiful and moving scene and indicative of my inner work.

Without connection to our hearts who do we become?

I’ve been privileged to meet some amazing therapists and was gifted The Heart Reconnection Guidebook which says:

Healing begins the moment you return to your heart and remember that not feeling good about yourself is the only thing that’s not good enough.

Heart Reconnection Guidebook

I’m returning to my heart.

I’m reminding myself that the only thing not good enough is thinking I’m not good enough.

I know and am uncovering how when I’m connected to my source, my heart that’s where life and love flow and I become alive.

And as long as I’m connected with heart, wherever I go and whoever I touch I bring lush vibrant life and love.

Todays affirmation:

I am Te Fiti.

Connected to my heart I bring and give life, love and abundance to myself first then others.

Garage cleaning for the soul

I’ve been planning to tackle cleaning out our garage for weeks as I thought what analog thing I could do to get away from the computer.

After some advice and encouragement from my dad about how to tackle it, I started whittling on it yesterday. And then again today.

I’ve written one of my pillar posts here about eating the elephant but I simply got overwhelmed and forgot I could take it piece by piece.

Dad mentioned shelves and tubes. Which felt obvious but helped unlocked the overwhelm for me.

Then I just stared at it. And finally saw a plan come together.

The garage (no pics to avoid shame for the blameless) is such a good analogy for the junk in my/our heart:

  • Place I throw stuff I don’t want to think about or have time for
  • Which ends up being the shit we keep around that nags at us, gets in the way or we end up hauling around from place to place
  • It seems like a big overwhelming project — like that stuff from your past that you just avoid or ignore — and it’s mostly in the dark place
  • Once a year it deserves a good reset and purging. Throw away the trash and old shit. Organized the good and keepsakes or tools for another day.

All of this symbolic of the work I’ve been doing in my heart the last couple of years.

Mental health is normal

What if we acted as if mental health and fitness was normal and a positive thing.

We could talk about it like we do a new Netflix show or how we need to get back to the gym in the new year with our trusted friends.

That we have highs AND lows. But when we talk about the lows it’s met with empathetic support (I’ve been there too) not the sympathetic head pat.

That we could talk about seeing our counselor this week like we do getting an oil change for our car. 

With our close friends and family we could be:

  • Open. Not closed.
  • Supported. Not suffering in solitude.
  • Coached. Not shoved advice we all know down our throats.
  • Embraced. So tight shame can’t find a parking place.
  • Encouraged. I’ll walk with you. Or just sit and listen with warmth. Not shunned or withdrawn.

On Being Seen

To be seen.

To be known.

To be recognized and have your presence acknowledged.

To know that I am here and you mark me as “present and accounted for.”

It’s a special human to human gift.

The last couple years I’ve heard this concept of the “authentic self” and been exploring its truth in my life.

I’m so thankful today for the gift my wife Lindsey has given me of truly being seen.

You see me. You see more of me than I see right now in myself. And you accept me for me.

May I continue to have the courage to discover and unearth all of myself.

And love me for me too.