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On Being Seen

To be seen. To be known. To be recognized and have your presence acknowledged. To know that I am here and you mark me as “present and accounted for.” It’s a special human to human gift. The last couple years I’ve heard this concept of the “authentic self” and been exploring its truth in my […]

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5 Minutes For the First Time

Several years ago I started running … or rather raulking. That’s Cory talk for run-walk. Run some. Walk more. Run some. Walk walk walk. Earlier this week I talked to my coach about setting a minimum daily exercise goal — 5 minutes. I started out with my running shoes on today. Had dates with both […]

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What comes after the storm?

YOU.You do.YOU emerge … in some new way.I don’t like the storms while I’m in it … in fact I kick and scream at them, moan and groan.But every time, I find something new about myself that I love, appreciate, cherish.

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Support for Fear, Worry, Anxiety in Uncertain Times + Ways Therapists Can Do More Online

For everyone … I wanted to quickly share some resources on managing the emotions and our mental health around our world right now: My friend and psychologist Dr. Sherry Walling offers a great podcast episode at ZenFounder on Calm Stability here. Additionally, I’m hosting a live conversation and Q&A with her on Wednesday that is […]

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The One Vital Mindset For Improving My Mental Health

Someone asked me today what is the one thing I do to improve my mental health … and after complaining that I could only pick one, I decided it was this mindset: Never, ever, ever, ever go it alone. It’s a message I have to remind myself of every day. I have a stubborn tendency […]