The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Is It For You?

The Entrepreneurial Adventure Book by Cory Miller

If you’re an aspiring or budding entrepreneur, this book is for you!

Entrepreneurship is an adventure — a long, arduous journey like climbing one of the world’s highest mountains. As such budding entrepreneurs should know the risks involved, what an entrepreneur does for the world and ask themselves some tough questions before starting on the journey. In this book startup entrepreneur Cory Miller shares advice on aligning your life’s passions and purpose, and how to prepare for the entrepreneurial climb.

It’s short enough to read in less than an hour, but packed with lessons Cory has learned and resources he’s found extremely helpful for starting a business.

The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Is It For You? by Cory J. Miller (On Sale Now at!)

In this book, you’ll …

  • Learn how a compelling vision of the future helps keep the right motivations aligned
  • Realize the risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur
  • Be challenged with essential questions to unearth your life’s passions and purpose
  • Understand what an entrepreneurship does for the world
  • Get tips for starting a business without risking everything
  • Find a blueprint of essential books and resources to prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey

Download the Table of Contents and Introduction here

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