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Twitter Official Blog on Blogger?!

I’ve been using Twitter for over a month now (find me at corymiller303) … and most, if not all, the people I follow on this hot Web 2.0 communications platform use WordPress for their blogs … but Twitter doesn’t!

Their official blog is on Blogger.

Now, this might seem trivial … and I’m sure “new blogging platform” isn’t even on their priority radar, but I’m sure somebody at Automattic or one of their thousands of WP users might offer to help them make the switch.

Heck … we’d do it for them! How about it Twitter?

The Entrepreneurial Headfirst Dive

One of my best and most trusted friends online, Brian Gardner, just took the Greatest Leap of Faith and has gone entrepreneurial full-time!

Translation: He’s put in his notice at his full-time gig and will be running and building Brian Gardner Media, LLC, with all his time now.

Brian is a pioneer in WordPress custom blog design and the growing premium theme market.

Most of us are all scrambling to catch up or just get close to the example he’s set. And I’ve been blessed to have been there “virtually” as he’s done most of it. Oh yeah, and he got me started and has been instrumental in my own blog design business too!

BG, here’s to a great future that I hope will exceed your greatest dreams!  

A New Premium WordPress Tech Theme

Brian has just released a new version of his hit premium WordPress theme — Revolution Tech.

As always it features his typical outstanding design style, this time with a sleek, polished look. I especially enjoy the tabbed graphics for the front page boxes.

Here’s a screenshot:

wordpress tech theme

Check it out here

NewsPixel: One Rockin’ Newspaper WordPress Theme

It’s finally here … our first premium newspaper WordPress theme: NewsPixel.

Nathan gave it some excellent ‘under the hood’ features that allow you to run them all through WordPress categories.

Of course, it comes with some basic video tutorials to help you get started and my Quick Start Guide to Using WordPress as well.

Take it for a test drive here … and purchase it here!

newspaper wordpress theme

Recent Project: Internet Marketing Gurus Exposed Blog Design

Every now and then, we get to have a lot of fun with a blog design, and the “anonymous” Internet Marketing Gurus Exposed site design was a lot of fun, including working with a client that really appreciates your work.

Here’s a preview with a link to the site:

internet marketing gurus exposed