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How to Increase Your Blog’s Email Newsletter and Feeds Subscriptions

I’ve started a new category called “Advice I Give My Clients” and while I might not give everything away through this series of posts … I’m planning on giving some good advice I’ve learned in my blogging experience. So here’s the first in this series … how to increase your blog’s email newsletter and feed […]

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CopyBlogger’s Brian Clark on Business Blogging, Email Newsletters

I greatly admire and read everything Brian Clark of CopyBlogger writes … and while reading this post at The Long Tail titled Don’t Quit Your Day Job, I saw a comment he made to that post that caught my eye … it’s very appropriate for this blog and for small businesses, I think … and […]

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Using Email Newsletters & Free Offers on Your Business Blog or Website

Now that we know the central strategy to a great business blog is dynamic content … let me talk briefly about two tools I think every small business blog should have as part of its core strategy: email newsletters and free offers. Let me talk generally about their role in your blogging strategy. First, email […]