4 Ways My Blogs Help My Business

Chris Brogan, an extremely entertaining speaker at SOBCon08 in Chicago, asks How Does Your Blog Relate To Your Business? Since there were already 39 comments when I found his blog, I thought I’d give my answer here.

Answer: My blogs are one of my primary marketing tools for my business.

Through my blogs, and search engines, I seek to find new prospective customers for my various business products and services.Continue reading “4 Ways My Blogs Help My Business”

Upgrading WordPress with a Plugin

I just upgraded (manually) this site to test out the new 2.5 version of WordPress. I’m totally in love with the new interface! (Here’s more detailed account of all the great new features in 2.5 here) It’s elegant and such an upgrade for usability.

Anyway, one of the new features with 2.5 is it includes links to the plugin repository in the Dashboard and I just found a great plugin called WordPress Automatic Upgrade.

It automates the upgrading process …. and I tried it out on a 2.3.3 version blog and it worked great. All I did was upload the plugin, activate it and start the process.

Upgrading can be scary the first time you do it (not with the plugin) … but if you’re really scared, go ahead and manually export and backup your blog before doing so (even though this plugin does it for you).

Use Photoshop Online for Free

me and my nephewI’ve been using Adobe Photoshop, the market leader in image editing software, for well over 10 years and there are still things I haven’t learned yet. Now Adobe is offering their Adobe Photoshop Express version online for free.

This is great news for those of us (i.e. bloggers) who don’t want to plunk down a couple hundred dollars for the full Photoshop version.

I got a free account and did a quick test on the photo in this post of me and my new nephew H.D. Miller to see how it worked. It’s pretty neat. Professional or advanced users of Photoshop will of course hate this version because it lacks features and is slower. But for bloggers or home users, it’s great.

One feature I love is after I cropped the photo, I clicked on the Embed option and it automatically copied it to my clipboard …. then to put it in this post, I just pasted in the embed code.

Right there, it saved two pretty vital steps for most WP bloggers: cropping the photo and getting it into a post.