Get a Comments Policy for Your Blog

I like the comments policy of the Blog Herald.

It’s a good idea and something I’ll probably be doing on my blogs as I continue to get spam, and otherwise irritating and distracting comments on posts.

If you blog for long in almost any field (unrelated to your dog or cat), you’ll find self-promoters who merely want to use your blog posts as free advertising for their services, or simply build traffic to their own blog.

You’ll have to make a plan for that … and think through the positive and negative benefits to allowing or dis-allowing such actions.

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  1. Do you think that a comments policy really deters the spammers? I have not put up a comment policy because I just don’t really think they pay attention to things like that. Maybe I’m wrong and if so, it’s definitely something that I need to make time to do.

  2. Randa, I don’t think it will deter spammers … but it does I think give you some justification (a warning sign if you will) to those who choose to use your blog community as a forum for their services … or act unruly.

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