Google PageRank, Fortune Telling and BCS Football

According to Daniel and Bob, Google is updating their PageRank stuff, which in laymen’s terms means … how King Google determines your worth, value and significance (not personally, I think).

Evidentally, they use some sort of fancy, smanchy math formula (alga-rhythm or is it algo-rithmm-m) to determine who matters in cyberspace in their search results … (if you’re confused, just think of the BCS Championship series’ method for determining who makes it to the Big Daddy Bowl, playing for the crystal … and then the ensuing fallout from those who thought they should be No. 1 and No. 2, but probably got beat by an NCAA Div. III team for their opener.)


Here’s a neat tool (ala Daniel) … for checking your potential rank called LiveRank.

And another one (ala Bob) … called DigPageRank.

Along with these sites, I am also using my super secret decoder ring, found in my CrackerJack box, to determine where I’ll land in the rankings … and most specifically, whether or not I’m worth the virtual space I take up …

OK, OK, OK … it’s actually serious to a lot of people.

But hey, even if Google ranks me at a negative 11 … I still have WordPress and my handy dandy Google Sitemap Generator, to help me score high for those obscure, random and irrelevant keywords, right?

Be gentle, King Google … be gentle.

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One response to “Google PageRank, Fortune Telling and BCS Football”

  1. yea i would agree with you. There’s actually no need to get too uptight about this. For me, what matters more is to capture the hearts of loyal readers and the likes. Nothing pleases me more than that.

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