How to Integrate aMember with WordPress

One of the questions I get frequently from prospective clients is how to integrate aMember membership software with WordPress.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a new joint venture with David Moskowitz of Membership Academy to give my clients a seamless integration between their WordPress blogs and aMember.

If you aren’t familiar with aMember, it’s a membership software program that’s in its fifth year of development. So it’s very solid. It’s also reasonably priced ($139). And combined with WordPress, you could have your own WP-driven membership site.

David’s produced a great value-laden package that includes:

  • one of my WordPress themes
  • a corresponding aMember template
  • video tutorial that will show you how to set it all up

Check out the great aMember/WordPress integration package here.

Additionally, David’s Membership Academy site is a great place to learn all about the ingredients that go into a membership site.

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