Learning Your Way Around the World of Venture Capital

For the past couple of years since starting my own business, I’ve heard more and more about venture capital as I’ve seen web companies launched and grown increasingly interested in the VC game.

For those looking to learn your way around this world, I highly recommend the new book by VC veteran Brad Feld called Venture Deals.

It’s packed with information that anyone can understand … it’s an inside, fascinating look at the world of venture capital investing. It’s going to be my desk reference for understanding concepts like “deal flow” and “term sheets.” One of the great aspects of the book is the “Entrepreneur’s Perspective” sidebars by Matt Blumberg that gives unique and powerful opinions on the subjects covered.

Go get Venture Deals now. Even if you’re not looking at funding, it’s a great look at this part of the entrepreneurial startup world.

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