LinkedIn Showing Up For People Name Searches

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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that as I Google’d an individual’s name in order to find their websites or blogs that often their LinkedIn profiles are popping up for their name’s search results.

LinkedIn has effectively leveraged their domain’s PageRank (7) along with a good link structure for individual profiles that includes the person’s name to generate some pretty good traffic back to the service I’m guessing.

These two searches in particular caught my eye because of their profile:

The Takeaway

It’s just good search engine optimization. They are leveraging search traffic for people’s names (i.e. their user-created profiles) to continue to keep their brand and service in front of people’s eyes. In fact, I’ve used the LinkedIn search results several times to find people and their sites … and then to follow up with an invitation to join my network.

And in the process, they are demonstrating that they are a hub for people to congregate and find others … and, thus, to keep momentum up for people to continue using their service.

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