Marketing 101: The First 5 Books To Read

I’ve learned a ton just by reading great pulp.

I love reading. And I REALLY love read books that help me DO something … like get an education in marketing without stepping foot in a classroom.

So today I’m handing out homework and here’s your first assignment …

For around $100, I think you can get a great marketing education with these great books …

Your assignment (should you choose it) is to read these 5 marketing-related books that I think every small business owner/entrepreneur should read:

If you’ve read them already, I’d love to hear feedback on how you implemented it in your business. Post a comment, or send me an email.
Also, check out The Napkin’s Bookstore here for more recommended books.

By the way, one of the ways you can help support The Napkin is by buying books you discover here through the bookstore.

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