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New Series: Entrepreneurship for Developers

Based on input I got about a series for developers who are also wearing the hat of entrepreneur, founder, CEO … I’m going to be intentional about blogging some tips, thoughts and experiences in 2014 and I’m calling the blog series Entrepreneurship for Developers. (Get it via email here.)

Here are some of the topics I want to weigh in on and share what I’ve learned as the founder of iThemes (which I started in 2008):

  • Knowing yourself
  • HR / Accounting / Payroll / Taxes / Legal — the crap work I hate most
  • Marketing
  • Mentors / Coaches
  • Culture
  • Team Building
  • Process
  • Finances / Money
  • Communication
  • Missions, Purpose, Values, Belief, Philsophies
  • Rest, Recharge, Retreat
  • Work-Life Alignment
  • Customer Service
  • Delegation
  • Managing People
  • Leadership
  • Partners
  • Project management

And if there’s something in particular you want me to write about, ask me here. I love questions. They are great prompts for good writing in my opinion.

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