Purposeful Paychecks: How to Find Lasting Career Happiness

Purposeful Paychecks bookWork that pays the bills but also frees us to be fulfilled and happy in our jobs. We should pursue work that not only meets our physical needs, but also meets our emotional and spiritual needs as well. You’re going to spend a vast chunk of your life at work, it might as well be work that matters.

That’s what I call a purposeful paycheck.

In this ebook, I’ve sought to share the lifelong process and lessons I’ve used to find lasting career happiness.

In Purposeful Paychecks, I share:

6 Principles to Career Happiness

  1. Living Financially Free
  2. Seeking Work-Life Alignment
  3. A Quest for Learning
  4. Finding Purpose in our Paychecks
  5. Changing It When It Sucks
  6. Passing it On

5 Steps to Lasting Career Happiness

  1. Discover what you truly want out of life.
  2. Search for potential career matches.
  3. Master the experience and expertise required.
  4. Hunt relentlessly for the right fit.
  5. Evaluate and refine as you go.

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