Quality Time Is So Critical With Your Most Important Partner

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This week my wife and I have been on vacation in Jamaica with some good friends. It’s been an incredibly relaxing week so far. Lots of pool time, great food and drinks, laughs, reading, and yes, for me, trying to attempt something close to this on this Red Slide here.

But most of all — it’s the quality time with my most important partner — my wife Lindsey.

This week came at the right time for us. Even though we do weekly “day dates” together, we both acknowledged we needed some extended time away, from the busyness of life and the craziness of toddlers, just for us.

Early on in our relationship, we realized that regular, consistent, dedicated times to spend alone together was vital to our marriage and our health and happiness.

Just quality time together talking, reconnecting, holding hands, dreaming, reflecting, watching movies, reading books side by side next to a pool …

This week has been such an incredible reminder of the importance of quality time together.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes carrying what seems like all the worries and concerns of the worlds on our shoulders, I think it’s too easy to forget that and to set time aside just for you and yours. I know it’s true for me.

But the other thing is … realizing that importance for our most important partners — our spouses and significant others.

So a couple months ago, Dr. Sherry Walling and I started dreaming and planning a Couples Retreat just for entrepreneurs and their spouses/significant others. It’s coming in a couple of months.

It’s a time for you to reconnect with each other … in the company of other couples who get you and the often-challenging life you lead together.

Tickets are on sale now. We’re capping it at 15 couples, along with 3 host couples.

I think it’s a great excuse to put something on the calendar and to invest in your relationships.

Go check out more details about the ZenFounder Couples Retreat here. And whether you decide to join us or not for this retreat, I hope you’ll schedule some extended quality time together very very soon.

OK, now I’m heading back to the pool!


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