The Snowball of Momentum

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Starting new projects or businesses
is so much like rolling a snowball uphill

I had this illustration commissioned because I needed a reminder that all the hard effort I’m doing is pointed at a tipping point … at some time in the future.

Here’s how the Snowball of Momentum goes …

Getting started is exciting. 

You’re ready to charge in. 

But most of us expect instant results and instead we get a hard ass slog.

The work is ALL uphill. And it’s a one to one effort. One unit of effort equals one unit of result. 

Most mortals drop off here. 

Patient and resilience and focus are the keys as the slog continues for a seemingly unending long time. 

For those who keep rolling their snowballs uphill in the grind, we’re pushing to get to the other side. 

We know the tipping point, the catalytic moments will come, just not when. We know our effort here, during the slog, pays off on the downhill. Whenever that comes. 

So we keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Hoping for that catalytic moment when things change. That’s our promise, our goal, our hope … knowing that when we get past the tipping point, the work gets easier. 

Our efforts still might feel tough and hard … but the results are more exponential. One unit of effort pushing the snowball makes a much bigger difference.

For those of you in the slog right now …
Keep the faith! Keep pushing!
Get to your tipping point.

—Cory Miller

P.S. – Update: I was recently reminded of this Chinese quote: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

As I continue to start and build new projects, I know today — NOW — is a great day to start and continue building my snowballs.

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