The practice of sloooooooowing down

All my life I’ve been in a rush.

Ricky Bobby always wanted to go fast too

Push. Rush. Drive. Harder. Faster. Farther.

Always thinking about the next thing. my mind on the future and driven to go go go.

But last year or so my body has said: No more fast. No more rush.

Call it pandemic, lack of taking care of myself all those rushing years, or being in my mid-40s or a combo … but I’m relishing this new school zone speed.

Of course I fought against it. Of course I’m scared.

I was so caught up in the Soundtrack of Fast and Furious that I didn’t realize what all I was missing.

Reminds me of when Lindsey and I got scooters. I had never really ridden motorcycles on the road despite growing up on three and four wheelers off road.

As we scootered around town, I saw things I normally missed. I smelled things I normally didn’t smell.

I experienced things differently in scooter mode.

And it was delightful.

I put my life in one speed — fast. And now I’ve shifted down and going slower and slower. And experiencing the richness of life at a more normal speed.

I realized a couple weeks ago, I don’t have to rush anymore.

I came out of ludicrous speed.

And now I’m just seeing the beauty of presence in life when it’s not in a blur … and savor it.

Been learning and practicing hand drawn lettering too

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