Use a tether

As I’ve done some of my deep deep work underneath the Iceberg, I’ve sometimes gone too deep or tried to take on too much without support.

The concept of being grounded or tethered as I thought of it is so crucial.

Good positive self-talk is a muscle and practice I’m building. That’s a tether.

My counselor (going to weekly now) is another critical tether.

My wife and my support network of friends and family are the strands of tethers that don’t break.

The trance as Tara Brach calls it is super tough and all consuming. I’ve tried to do it alone and by myself. It just doesn’t work. It’s not just lonely and impossible, it’s dangerous.

I need support, safety ropes (yes plural) and tethers to the here and now or else.

Tethers are really really good.

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