Small Business Web Design Solutions

We also do web design for businesses using WordPress as a content management system. And have authored a number of premium web templates for small businesses.

Our web designs are built to look and act like a typical business website … only with WordPress you have the power and control to update and maintain your website, in addition to the search engine benefits you can glean from using the software and our search engine optimized emplates.

For the same reason we believe a business blog can help enhance your traditional website — and in the process generate more leads for you — we believe using WordPress to run your entire business site can be both affordable and effective.

Here are a couple of reasons why we choose WordPress for business website designs:

1. Google loves WordPress.
2. If you can operate Microsoft Word, you can probably use WordPress.
3. You can use the blog function to create regularly updated content (i.e. turn your site from a static to dynamic one.)
4. It gives you an easy – and affordable – way to maintain your site.
5. No software needed. Log into your site online from anywhere in the world and update your site.

Check out our template series called Essence, which is designed for small businesses to use WordPress as the backend content management system:

blue wordpress theme black wordpress theme