Why Do You Really Want to Start a Business?

I’ve been reflecting on the answer to that question myself. (And would like to hear your answer to it in the Lab forum here.)

As the Lab has opened, I’ve been thinking back to why I wanted to be an entrepreneur in the first place (since I was around 16 or 17 years old) … and what continues to be the reason I love my job as an entrepreneur. (If you’re just starting out or mulling over the idea, check out the “Is Entrepreneurship For You” post and get the kickoff slides and recordings on this topic here.)

Entrepreneurship is a tough profession. It has a steep entry fee and continued maintenance fee to play. And you have to be willing to work extremely hard and at times make sacrifices that most other people don’t understand and never have to make.

That’s why, I believe, you have to have a truly COMPELLING VISION of the future … and one that starting a business enables for you.
The compelling vision is your summit, your mountaintop, your pinnacle that you strive toward every day.
Your compelling vision should:
  • Inspire you regularly
  • Move you to action
  • Stir your soul
  • Rally your tribe together
  • Be a cause for you and your family
  • Be the huge overarching theme to commit your working life to
The previous question “Why do you want to start a business?” is really better asked “What is your compelling vision of the future that your business best enables you to achieve?”
In the interest of transparency, here is part of my own compelling vision for my future that entrepreneurship helps me achieve :
  • I want to build a great future for me, my family and team
  • I want to use my strengths, passions, skills and time to provide something of value to the world
  • I want to have creative freedom and control (OK, maybe the illusion of control) of my destiny
  • I want to build the ultimate workplace and job for myself and others
  • I want to live my dreams, accomplish my goals and live a life without regrets
  • I want to leave a lasting legacy of all of the above

The primary theme in most entrepreneur’s compelling visions is FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.¬†We hear it every day at iThemes and have seen it over and over in the Lab member surveys.

And you can see those themes for me as well as they resonate deeply with me too.

How about you?

What is your compelling vision of the future that entrepreneurship enables you to best achieve? Or … why are you starting or did you start a business?

I’d love to hear your stories and get the conversation about this going in the Lab forums, so go post your answers there!

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