Work with Me

Startup entrepreneur and coach Cory Miller has a passion for entrepreneurship and budding entrepreneurs and helping them “punch their ticket” of living the entrepreneurial dream.

Although he maintains a busy schedule running iThemes, a 25-plus-team in Oklahoma City, he offers a couple of ways to work with him.

One-on-One Startup Coaching

Need someone to walk with you as you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams? Through one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions you have a resource and partner to navigate the fears, worries, challenges and obstacles of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

Training, Classes, Workshops, and Retreats

If you’re an employer or entrepreneur wanting to offer on-site or remote training or retreats for your teams, we help you with your professional training and collaborative team building.

Professional Consulting

Whether you’re a professional, an early stage startup, aspiring entrepreneur, successful entrepreneur just wanting to keep up (or take it to the next level) or an organization wanting to promote and foster entrepreneurship, Cory can help you in a number of ways:

  • Personal Professional Development — you need a trusted partner to help you grow your skills, exposure and be a sounding board for your career and professional identity.
  • Startup Adviser and Mentor — for early stage startups or those aspiring to take the next step, Cory can help you get your startup off the ground and over the initial obstacles to startup success.
  • Educational Advisement — if you’re a university, college or career tech seeking to stay on the cutting edge and offer the best resources and environment for students to start businesses, Cory will work with you to offer the best educational training available that gives the best chance for success.


Although he maintains a busy schedule, Cory is available for speaking engagements at events, conferences and other in-person activities to talk on entrepreneurship, leading teams, building a business and professional development.

Web Design and Marketing Services

Cory’s team at¬†Creative Services by iThemes¬†provides professional web design and marketing services for getting and expanding your business online.