10 Ways to Use LinkedIn Company Profiles

LinkedIn Company Profiles can be found on the “Companies” tab and it’s just something I’ve stumbled upon. It’s full of good information that you can mine for your career.

Here are 10 ways you can use them for your job hunt:

  1. Find and follow companies you admire or are interested in.
  2. See where people came from to get there (the Before) and where they go After.
  3. Search for the why. Go to profiles and see why they left each company. Look at Google News for what they’ve been doing that might cause some transitions.
  4. Scope out small startups you could be a part of.
  5. Look at the “New Titles” section for what roles people got promoted from.
  6. Look at the “Departures” section for what people are advancing toward at other companies.
  7. Identify jobs that people do you might enjoy and learn more from their profiles.
  8. Look where employees are located. Is it near you or where you’d want to live?
  9. Explore the “common skills” employees possess. Make notes of overlap and gaps with yours.
  10. Start building your LinkedIn network NOW. The more people you know the better. LinkedIn is the king at the professional connection!


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