You Have 137 Days Left in 2016: Make The Most Of Them

Numerous times throughout the year (and quarter) I look at the calendar and see how much time we have left to make progress on our goals.

Today, Aug, 17, 2016, you have 137 days left and about 20 weeks to make the most of.

I just put my process in this post but the four steps are simple:

  1. Take an inventory of your time left. You’ve got 137 days left in 2016!
  2. Get clarity on what you want to accomplish.
  3. Identify obstacles to blow up. Obstacles are really opportunities.
  4. Pinpoint the key steps to make next.

This can be used for personal, business, or career or a combination of it all for maximum goal achievement.

Download the PDF Worksheet Here

Finish 2016 Strong: Here’s An Exercise To Help

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